Happy 1/2 Birthday Mila!

Mila is 6 months old and I am having a little ‘slow down time’ emotions running through me.resembles Ella so so much when she was her age. They have the same fluffy hair, same smile and so many of the same characteristics. Sometimes I look at Mila and have instant memories of Ella when she was a baby.

Mila Elizabeth, you are such a sweet baby. We love everything about you and your bipolar personality. Ha! You can go from over the top happy to extremely pissed in a matter of seconds. I love your big gap between your top teeth and your fuzzy head. I love the way you hit and scratch everyone out of excitement. You adore your big sisters and laugh so much when they play with you. You are rolling around to get to the places you want. Hopefully you won’t crawl too soon. Your favorite food is green beans, which was Ella’s favorite too. We haven’t figured out your eye color just yet, but they are looking hazel at the moment.

Happy 1/2 birthday Mila!


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