Disneyland Adventures!

We braved a trip to Disneyland with three small children. I would say overall, it was a huge success.  We definitely had some moments when we were being dominated by the girls and felt as if there were 10 of them.  Ella had emergency bathroom stops where we had to pull over on the highway, Avery chewed up the stickiest fruit snacks of all time and spit them out onto her hands and smeared them all over her face and hair and she also had a diaper blow-out on the drive home when she was sleeping. We happened to be out of wipes (because we used an entire pack on the fruit snack incident), so we used a jug of water, dish soap and paper towels because this was all we could find at the nearest gas station.


Disneyland is such a fun place to bring your kids. Seeing their faces light up and smile so big makes all the mishaps worth it.

img_4943img_4946img_4930Avery’s on the go personality got the best of her and waiting in lines seemed like an eternity. We started with the princesses because Ella really wanted to meet them again.  Her wish was granted, although Avery couldn’t have cared less about the meet and greet.


We decided to take her on Pirates of the Caribbean since Ella liked it so much on our last visit. Avery was NOT a fan. Lol. She cried after the first drop and had her hands covering her eyes for the entire ride. Bad idea mom and dad. After the bad experience, we took her to the teacups, which she LOVED! The parade was starting as we were riding the teacups, so we had front row seats and continued to ride them over and over.


After teacups we took Avery to finally meet the love of her life… Mickey! She was so excited and couldn’t wait for her turn, but as soon as she was able to meet him, she played a little hard to get. Ha! She was happy, but a little stand offish.

img_5126img_5125img_5124img_5123img_5121img_5119img_4982img_4984Since we drove most of the first day, we cut it short with Avery. She was a little on the crabby side from fighting her nap in the car and her two year molars coming in. (Perfect timing) Not pleasant! We ended up bringing Ella back out after Avery went to bed. We rode a few rides, got ice cream and called it a night.

Day two, we met Halloween Minnie, Pluto and Goofy and Avery walked down Main Street with Mary Poppins.



img_5237 We rode a bunch of rides all morning and watched the parade in the afternoon. Ella rode Thunder Mountain twice and Splash Mountain three times. When she finished riding Splash Mountain with Ryan, she looked at him and said, “tell that man we’re going again!” Her face was priceless on the big drop.

img_9498img_5078img_5227img_5228img_5059img_5049img_5047After a long day of rides, walking, parades, meet and greets and tantrums, we were exhausted! Oh, and Mila was there for the action too 😉


Day 3, we went to California Adventure and rode the ferris wheel, kiddie rides in Bugs Land and Ryan and I rode a water rapid ride by ourselves since the girls weren’t tall enough. Ry also rode California Sreamin’ Roller Coaster while I took the girls to the splash pad. The girls met Chip and Dale, we ate lunch and headed home.

img_5115img_5094img_5093img_5092img_5233img_5231img_5157img_5166img_5169img_5147img_5234The girls had the best time at Disneyland and so did we. Thanks for the memories Disney!


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