One Month Mila

One month came and went. Having three kids makes the days fly by.  Ella is going to school two days a week, ballet and gymnastics one day and Avery is taking swim survival lessons. Little Mila is growing so fast! Her chubby cheeks are getting even chubbier and her arms a little chunkier. She is still a great sleeper and is so sweet when being snuggled. She loves to rock in my arms.  If only I had more time to hold her and love on her chubby cheeks. The little baby grunts and moans get me every time. She gives the biggest gummy smiles when I talk to her.  She loves listening to calming music, so I play it for her when she’s fussy. Works like a charm! She loves tummy time and taking baths. Wishing these baby days would stick around forever.

Happy 1 month Mila!dsc08343-1dsc08352-1dsc08368-1dsc08376-1dsc08398dsc08403img_9312img_9324

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