Emergency Room with Mila

Yesterday was by far the hardest day of parenting I’ve experienced thus far. I saw my baby girl’s life flash before my eyes. As I was holding her, she spit up and choked, which caused her airway to close. She couldn’t catch a breath. Her body went limp and turned blue. I was frantic as I tried getting her to breath. I called 911 and we were able to get her to cry by flicking the bottoms of her feet. The firemen gave her oxygen until she was breathing again on her own. We took an ambulance to Phoenix Children’s Hospital where she stayed overnight for evaluation and testing. She tested negative for everything and appears to be a healthy baby. The doctors said this was a rare occurrence and unexplained event. One I hope no parent has to experience. We are so thankful for our precious Mila. She is home now and doing well.


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