Mila Elizabeth’s Birth Story

Mila Elizabeth has made her arrival! I was scheduled for an elective induction on Wednesday, July 20. We went to the hospital at 6am that morning. After getting everything set-up, the pitocin quickly started giving me contractions. I opted for an epidural shortly before noon. The day was a long one and we expected I would have her much sooner than I had Avery, but little Mila was a stubborn one. She was born at 7:30 p.m. after one really looooong push. She was born with fair skin and very little hair. Definitely not an Avery 😉 Mila weighed 7 lbs., 5 oz. and was 20 1/2″ long. Biggest baby I’ve had, but still oh so little. She surprised us with chubby cheeks and little arm rolls.

Ella was so excited to finally meet her. Avery was a little stand offish and quickly lost interest. One day, they’ll be best friends 🙂

Having a new baby brings so many emotions. We are so blessed to have three beautiful, healthy girls to love. Our little family is now complete and we are excited for our life ahead. Welcome to the world, Mila Elizabeth!

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