Pregnancy #3

Today marks 33 weeks, 3 days for this growing bean in my belly. (Which is actually the size of a pineapple!) I had a rough first trimester with the flu, bronchitis and the every day nausea. Bleh! Happy to say I got through it again and the rest of my pregnancy has been great. I’ve had a good amount of energy and have stayed level with all the crazy hormones. We can’t wait to meet our newest addition to the family, which will complete our estrogen filled home 😉 Sorry daddy! It feels kinda surreal this time because I haven’t really had a chance to think about my pregnancy with all the chaos two little ones bring. I get the evenings to unwind and enjoy the movements in my belly and talk to Ryan about what she will look like, if she’ll be like her sisters, what color her eyes will be, will she have hair?… I’m about a month away from meeting her and as scared as I am of becoming a mother to 3 girls, I feel so incredibly blessed at the same time. It makes all my worries go away when I look at Ella and Avery because I know we must be doing something right. 😉 We are ready for the wild ride we are about to endure. Here’s to sleepless nights and temper tantrums!

I did a pretty terrible job documenting my growing baby bump, but I suppose I didn’t do much with my other two pregnancies either. Here are a few bump shots I took throughout. Let’s just say, you sure do grow faster with each pregnancy! A woman’s body is amazing.

19 Weeks


20 Weeksimage7

21 Weeksimage5

27 Weeks image12

28 Weeksimage10

29 Weeksimage1330 Weeksimage16

31 Weeksimage19

32 Weeksimage21

I don’t even know how far along I am here, but thought it was funny. Ella took this picture of my belly. I think she focused a little too much on the dresser 😉 image18

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