Chasing ‘Moose’

We visited a nearby park this afternoon and let the girls run wild. There was a flock of geese that joined us, or as Ella was calling them, ‘moose’. One of our favorite things to do is play outside and since we don’t have beaches, we found a small ‘lake’ as Arizona likes to call it. Being from Michigan, I can’t look at a body of water without comparing it to Lake Michigan. Everything looks so small in comparison. Although no beach or sand, it was a good day for all.

IMG_0452 IMG_0454 IMG_0456 IMG_0458 IMG_0463 IMG_0466 IMG_0468 IMG_0471 IMG_0473 IMG_0479 IMG_0484 IMG_0488 IMG_0493 IMG_0494 IMG_0497 IMG_0499 IMG_0506 IMG_0508 IMG_0510 IMG_0513 IMG_0518 IMG_0520 IMG_0526 IMG_0530 IMG_0532 IMG_0533 IMG_0534 IMG_0539 IMG_0540 IMG_0542 IMG_0544 IMG_0545 IMG_0548 IMG_0557 IMG_0563255A5577255A5581255A5586255A5588255A5590255A5594255A5603255A5617255A5627255A5632

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