Happiest Place on Earth! Trip II

We just returned from another amazing trip to Disneyland and California Adventure with our Princess lover, Ella. Although 7 months pregnant, I managed to get around the parks and keep up with speedy Ryan and Ella’s demands. 😉 We rode more rides this time because we were efficient with meeting all the princesses. Ella’s favorite ride (which we rode 100x) was Pirate’s of the Caribbean. She calls it Jake and the Neverland Pirates to make it feel a little less scary I think. Lol. She also rode a mini roller coaster with dad and said it made her belly jiggle. 🙂 We had such a fun time and can’t wait to go back next year with Ella and Avery. Sorry Mila, you will be staying home 😦 Your turn will come soon enough.

Rides/Shows this trip:

– Pirates of the Caribbean (800x)
– Dumbo the Flying Elephant
– Flik’s Flyers
– It’s a Small World
– Ariel’s Undersea Adventure
– Mad Tea Party
– The Many Adventures of Pooh
– Mickey’s Funwheel
– Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride
– Snow White’s Scary Adventures
– Gadget’s Go Coaster
– Disney Junior Show
– Beauty & The Beast Show
– Rapunzel Show

Character Meet & Greets: 

– Cinderella
– Snow White
– Ariel
– Aurora
– Rapunzel & Flynn Ryder
– Jasmine & Aladdin
– Tiana
– Merida
– Belle
– Minnie Mouse
– Mickey Mouse
– Winnie the Pooh
– Tigger
– Goofy



DAY 2DSC06176DSC06190DSC06201DSC06205DSC06216DSC06217DSC06221DSC06226DSC06231DSC06234DSC06236DSC06241DSC06247DSC06249DSC06253DSC06256DSC06265DSC06274DSC06278DSC06280DSC06286DSC06291DSC06296DSC06306DSC06308DSC06311DSC06316DSC06321DSC06326

DAY 3… Until Next Time DisneyDSC06339DSC06346DSC06351DSC06352DSC06353DSC06358DSC06379DSC06392DSC06398DSC06405DSC06407




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