Sweet Dreams

Bedtime has always been my favorite time of the day because I love laying with Ella in her bed and getting bossed around. Her nighttime routine is continually changing, but one thing stays the same – she wants her mommy to lay with her. She has to sleep on her white pillow with a full cup of water, pull-up and pjs of her choice. Each night we line her palace pets, princesses or my little ponies up on her nightstand, put her princesses to bed, sometimes make shadows on her ceiling and always give each other lots of big hugs and kisses. We talk about nonsense and I watch her as she falls asleep rubbing her blankie with two fingers. She insists on holding hands, which I don’t mind one bit. I love these moments more than anything. Each morning, Ryan and I wake up to the sweetest little girl who races into our room and says, “mom/dad, the sun turned on.” Oh my gosh, I hope this never changes.

To my daughter, my little bestie, the one who made me a mom… I love you from here to eternity.


We can’t leave out crazy Avery…


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