Happy Halloween!

Halloween was a fun one this year because Ella was old enough to trick or treat and actually understood the concept. She dressed as a fairy and Avery was a little witch. She was really just a baby dressed in black because the witch hat was pulled off immediately after getting it on. Prior to the Halloween festivities, we had a major melt-down due to lack of sleep and hunger. Being a 3 year old is exhausting. 😉

Ella managed to fill her entire bag with candy, played with a lot of neighborhood kids and passed out candy (everything she didn’t like). Lol.

Happy Halloween!

DSC03441 DSC03380

DSC03435 DSC03381 DSC03445 DSC03383 DSC03449

DSC03389 DSC03451 DSC03395 DSC03454 DSC03408 DSC03458 DSC03460 DSC03464 DSC03468 DSC03472 DSC03475 DSC03477 DSC03480 IMG_4652 IMG_4655 IMG_4658

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