One thought on “Zoo with my boo’s

  1. Hi Megeliza I was looking for interiors inspiration when I came across your blog. I love what you’ve done here and I love the photography. I almost feel quite regretful that I never got to take any newborn photography like you have :(. I think I must have been too busy at the time and just so tired a lot! Anyway maybe I can do something going forward. I love the pictures you have of your daughters/family. Some of it appears to be professional photography but the other ones I’m not quite sure. I want to ask you what do you use to take such photographs? Do you take them all? I have an iPhone :). Also how do you have the time? To buy the beautiful clothes and coordinate it all? And to keep a blog! Any tips would be appreciated. I have a daughter born Oct 2013 and a son Born Sep 2015. my photographs seem so haphazard compared to yours! Your children are gorgeous by the way.

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