The Happiest Place on Earth

For everyone that knows Ella, knows how crazy obsessed she is with Disney princesses. We had to make all of her dreams come true, so we took her to Disneyland!! She talked about this trip for so long and we finally made it happen. It truly was one of the happiest moments of our lives. Watching her excitement each and every time she would meet a princess was the best feeling a mother could ask for. She ran to, hugged, talked and listened carefully to each princess like they were her long lost friends. They read stories together, twirled, curtseyed, hugged (several times), made wishes, talked about everything and anything and held hands. I will forever remember this trip with my little Princess Ella.


DSC02135 DSC02142 DSC02147 DSC02160 DSC02162 DSC02184 DSC02190 DSC02208 DSC02211 DSC02212 DSC02234 DSC02260 DSC02272 DSC02276 DSC02282 DSC02283 DSC02291 DSC02294 DSC02297 DSC02308 DSC02321 DSC02323 DSC02346 DSC02351 DSC02356 DSC02368 DSC02374 DSC02378 DSC02386 DSC02393 DSC02399 DSC02401 DSC02402 DSC02415 DSC02419 DSC02429 DSC02430 DSC02432 DSC02434 DSC02439 DSC02444 DSC02457 DSC02501 DSC02494 DSC02518 DSC02545 DSC02559 DSC02569 DSC02578 DSC02586 DSC02596 DSC02614 DSC02620 DSC02629 DSC02634 DSC02639 DSC02640 DSC02647 DSC02648 DSC02650 DSC02655 DSC02657 DSC02663 DSC02674 DSC02680 DSC02684 DSC02685 DSC02709 DSC02714 DSC02716 DSC02724 DSC02730 DSC02734 DSC02737 DSC02739 DSC02743 DSC02750 DSC02755 DSC02756 DSC02757 DSC02758 DSC02766 DSC02770 DSC02773 DSC02785 DSC02793 DSC02797 DSC02810 DSC02826 DSC02828 DSC02833 DSC02853 DSC02854 DSC02856 DSC02865 DSC02867 DSC02868 DSC02877 DSC02881 DSC02886 DSC02887 DSC02889 DSC02892 DSC02902 DSC02905 DSC02918 DSC02926 DSC02927 DSC02931 DSC02939 DSC02941 DSC02943 DSC02948 DSC02950 DSC02957 DSC02964


Until next time Disney!

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