Avery Turns 1!

And just like that… she turned 1! Our wild child, food loving, messy bessy, smiley faced baby girl is a whole year old. We blinked and her birthday was here. Avery is full of spirit at such a young age and knows what she wants (and how to get it). We have had some trying times with her as a baby, but wouldn’t change it for the world. I love her spunky personality, her high pitched screams and contagious laughter. I love this girl from head to toe.

Avery has 7 1/2 teeth and two molars trying to make an appearance. She is our little shortie and weighs 18 lbs., 8 oz.

She stands on her own, takes a couple steps and sits down.

I love when she scrunches her nose and sniffs really loud showing all of her teeth. She hates getting her diaper changed, getting dressed and being held for too long. Such an independent little one. She takes her diaper off repeatedly until we put bottoms on her. She loves baths and spends the entire time floating, splashing and climbing in and out. She loves all food. I honestly can’t thing of a single thing she hasn’t liked. She says hi, bye, mama, dadda. She waves, claps, clicks her tongue, makes ‘music’ with Warner and uses her hand on her mouth to make Indian sounds. She is our little wild Indian and what I like to call our wrecking ball.

Happy 1st birthday Avery Rose!

DSC02043 DSC02049 DSC02051 DSC02056 DSC02059 DSC02060 DSC02062 DSC02070 DSC02071 DSC02074 DSC02078 DSC02090 DSC02091 DSC02100 DSC02102 DSC02111 DSC02118 DSC02129 DSC02024 DSC02022 DSC02005 DSC02007 DSC02002 DSC01994 DSC01992 DSC01981 DSC01978 DSC01974 DSC01972

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