10 Months of Avery

Today marks 10 months since our second little love was born. I still have a hard time believing she is almost a year. Avery is obsessed with chewing and putting things in her mouth. She has put every single thing imaginable in her mouth, from stickers to rocks to door stops. Yep! Floor stops! haha.  This month she started saying dada on a regular basis and still refuses to say mama unless she’s upset at swim survival lessons. She has learned to float in the pool and can even make her way to the surface after falling in.

Avery has one heck of a personality. She is silly, always showing her teeth and making sounds with her tongue. She loves eating grown up food, which in turn, makes her poop about 800x a day 🙂 She knows how to get her way and is very persistent. She’s a happy little girl and we love everything from her shaggy hair growing over her ears to her tiny little toes. Av and her daddy have a special bond. She adores him and is beyond happy to see him after work every day. She recently started giving him open mouth kisses on his cheek because he always kisses her on her cheek to make her giggle. True love.

These few pictures pretty much sum up Avery. Girl loves to eat and smile.

IMG_2287 IMG_2586 IMG_2969

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