9 Months of Avery

Avery is a whopping 9 months old and is turning into a little ham. Her silly personality is really coming out and she makes us laugh every day. She is a veggie lover, still has only 4 teeth, crawls everywhere, puts everything in her mouth, stands and walks with her little Radio Flyer wagon. She can say mama and dada and likes to click her tongue.She loves her big sis, but gets picked on day in and day out. Her only defense is pulling hair, but it won’t be long before she starts fighting back! Av loves swimming, taking showers and eating everything in sight. She loves her big girl forward facing carseat so she can look at her sister and laugh. I love seeing her 4 toothed smile in the rear view mirror. Did I mention how much she likes to put things in her mouth? 😉 Her favorite foods are peas, green beans and Chicken with Apples. She is a big fan of Lil’ Crunchies. Whenever she is upset, a handful of these turns that frown upside down.

We love you little Avie pancake! (the pancake nickname arrived from her frequent number 2’s that resemble a pancake). Lol.


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