My how quickly they change. Bedtime has become an hour + session of laying with Ella and telling her a hundred different ways why she needs to go to sleep. She giggles, rolls around, asks for more water, opens it, dumps it on herself, hugs me, plays with my hair, anything to delay her falling asleep. We still read before bed, but her book choice is no longer the Disney princess bedtime stories, which was the only book we’d read for about 6 months straight. As sick of that book I was, I now find myself missing her tell me how to read it and flip back to the beginning when we would start to make some progress on the 200+ page book.

She’s growing sooooo fast! She will be going to summer camp at Prince of Peace next week. I can’t even believe the time has finally come. This will be her very first time being away from me outside the home with anyone other than family. I’m excited to see how much she loves playing with the kids and how she interacts with the teacher(s).

Tantrums have become her thing. We keep reminding ourselves that they don’t last forever. We sometimes lose patience and have no idea what we’re doing as parents, but at the end of every day, we smile and exchange I love you’s. And no matter how hard the day was with all the tears, screaming, mommy demands and throwing herself on the floor, I always always miss her when she falls asleep. Ryan and I talk about all the funny things the girls did that day and look at pictures of the crazy moments. For some reason, it always seems funny instead of trying at the end of the day. And each and every morning, I look forward to seeing their faces.

We have always worked on manners- saying please and thank you, so she almost always says both when asking for things. If she forgets, we say, how do we ask nicely? Her response is always whatever it is she wants followed with “please mommy”. It’s funny because she will be talking to Ryan and still say mommy. 😉

Her vocabulary is the funniest thing. She tells stories and is starting to tell little fibs about how daddy took her princess to golf with him and he lost her. Also how Avery woke herself up from her nap by shaking her gate. She also tells me she needs my help because the floor is too slippery or she fell down or it’s too heavy. Anything to get me to pick her up or help her. 😉 The way she pronounces certain words is the absolute best! Eye ashells (eyelashes) is my new favorite. I also love that she calls Ryan by his name instead of daddy. When she’s referencing her things, she says ‘mines’. Everything is mines!  Mines room, mines toys, mines clothes…

Oh how much I love this little girl and her silly, vibrant personality.


I asked her to put her jammies on. She put her tutus on and said, “is fine mom, I just play a lil’ bit.”image12

Princesses are her life.image2 image8 image3

“Drive a tractor mom. Orange one.”DSC01219 DSC01207

She owns it at the playground…DSC01182 DSC01183 DSC01172 DSC01175 DSC01184 DSC01190 DSC01196

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