8 Months of Avery

8 months of smiley, happy, drooly, hungry Avery. This girl can eat! She loves her Crunchies, puffs, veggies and mashed bananas. I swear she could eat all day long if we let her. She screams if food is in sight, but out of reach. She always makes a mess with her food and gives us a hard time when feeding her.
Avery is crawling all over our house and pulls herself up on everything. She sleeps soundly through the night, 6pm-6am and wakes up a happy girl. Each morning, I wake to her little voice on the monitor and walk into her room to find a huge grin. She has four teeth and shows them off for all to see. I adore the gap between her two front teeth.Av loves playing like a big girl with her sister, feels comforted when holding her hand, is really into toys and putting things in her mouth- from magazines to leaves to tiny princess crowns and stickers. She’s given us some choking scares, so I’m always on high alert when she’s playing on the floor.
We recently switched her to a forward facing car seat and she is on cloud nine. I laugh each time I look back at her silly little grin and scrunched up nose. 
She recently learned to make clicking sounds with hr tongue and blow spit bubbles. This is definitely her new found talent. She is usually covered in spit from head to toe.

Avery, you bring so much happiness to our growing family. I’m so blessed to have two healthy, happy and beautiful girls to love. Forever my babies.

DSC01079 DSC00315 DSC00311 DSC00306 DSC00204 DSC00196

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