Aloha! Family Vaca to Kauai

Our second family vacation to Kukuiula was nothing short of amazing! We made so many memories that will last a lifetime. We are so blessed to have been able to have this experience and we are forever grateful. Mahalo to our family for sharing this time with us.

The vacation begins…

This was Avery’s very first time on an airplane. The flights to Kauai went better than expected. The return flights… not so much. She happened to catch a cold while we were in Kauai, so the return was full of tears, screaming, unhappy travelers and one exhausted daddy. I had my hands full with our other sick little one who was extremely clingy to mama and tired from a high fever. We owe a huge thanks to Auntie Natalie and Uncle Scott for hanging in there with us.

IMG_0205 IMG_0212 IMG_0232 IMG_0238

DSC01169 IMG_6427 IMG_6431 IMG_0377 IMG_0374

The first morning in Kauai, we walked down to the Beach. Ella dipped her toes in the Ocean with daddy and smiled ear to ear when she saw the waves roll in. Avery fell asleep in dad’s arms, which ended up becoming a ‘thing’ during this trip.

IMG_0246 IMG_0258

Ryan and I celebrated our two year anniversary on May 2nd. We enjoyed a picnic lunch (sushi) at Mahaulepu Beach where we were married. After some food, relaxation and diving into the ocean waves, we layed by the spa pool at Kukuihula. I did the ‘Ritual‘ at the Spa while Ryan golfed. We went to dinner at the Beach House during sunset, which has the most amazing views and food. This anniversary is definitely one we will never forget. I love you Ryan!


DSC00041 DSC00046 DSC00090 DSC00091

We enjoyed several days at the pools with the girls. Ella loved swimming, floating, the water slide and her all time favorite- the hot tub. Avery preferred napping on the lounge chairs with the warm breeze and sounds of the waterfalls in the pool. She did some splashing in the water after her morning snoozes, which she always woke up from with big smiles.

DSC00133 DSC00141 DSC00146 DSC00154 DSC00159 DSC00163 DSC00166 DSC00171 DSC00185 DSC00196 DSC00204 DSC00209 DSC00212 DSC00214 DSC00225 DSC00229 DSC00237 DSC00249 DSC00269 DSC00271 IMG_0271 IMG_0262


With small kids, vacations aren’t always full of outings. We also spent some time playing at the cottage with the girls. With every giggle, tantrum and ow ow, comes a memory.

DSC00503 DSC00508 DSC00510 DSC00511 DSC00278 DSC00285 DSC00289 DSC00299 DSC00301 DSC00982 DSC00985 DSC00992 DSC00995 DSC00997 DSC01005 DSC01007 DSC01014 DSC00979 DSC00419 DSC00424 DSC00435 DSC00445 DSC00448

Ryan and I brought the girls to Spouting Horn to watch the water spray through the rocks. Ella said she was scaaaared, but she made a quick recovery once she spotted a chicken.

DSC00457 DSC00459 DSC00460 DSC00465 DSC00468 DSC00474 DSC00479 DSC00481 DSC00482 DSC00485 DSC00491 DSC00494

Later that day, we took Ella to the Farm to see the chickens, fruits, veggies and fish. She loved running around acting like she owned the place. She was so carefree and I loved every minute of watching her laugh and play with her daddy.

DSC00517 DSC00521 DSC00530 DSC00534 DSC00537 DSC00538 DSC00541 DSC00543 DSC00561 DSC00566 DSC00575 DSC00589 DSC00595 DSC00597 DSC00607 DSC00618 DSC00628 DSC00632 DSC00639 DSC00661 DSC00670 DSC00675 DSC00677 DSC00686 DSC00687 DSC00694 DSC00701 DSC00705 DSC00707 DSC00713 DSC00722 DSC00727 DSC00730 DSC00733 DSC00738 DSC00745 DSC00746IMG_6300

While the guys golfed, all the girls went to the Farm to explore. We had a good laugh when Ella dropped her shorts and peed standing up. Silly little girl.

DSC00306 DSC00311 DSC00315 DSC00331 DSC00338 DSC00340 DSC00349

Later that evening, Gram and I took the girls to a Tahitian Dance. Avery immediately stopped crying once the music started playing. Ella participated in the dancing when the children were asked to come up on stage. It made my mommy heart explode into a million pieces. She was so adorable to watch.

DSC00361 DSC00363 DSC00373 DSC00387 DSC00397 DSC00410 DSC00415

Ryan and I took Ella to a hula class, but it was re-scheduled, so…. a Koi fish feeding was where we ended up. Ella loves fish, so she was a happy camper. For whatever reason, these pictures make her look so grown up. Where did my baby go?

DSC00748 DSC00750 DSC00761 DSC00765 DSC00772 DSC00777 DSC00778 DSC00788

Beach day at Mahaulepu!! We loved every minute! Especially our little mermaid, Ella.

DSC00792 DSC00794 DSC00799 DSC00803 DSC00810 DSC00811 DSC00813 DSC00816 DSC00817 DSC00820 DSC00822 DSC00829 DSC00836 DSC00838 DSC00843 DSC00844 DSC00848 DSC00854 DSC00855 DSC00864 DSC00867 DSC00870 DSC00872 DSC00874 DSC00876 DSC00879 DSC00881 DSC00906 DSC00907 DSC00910 DSC00913 DSC00938 DSC00943 DSC00951 IMG_6366 IMG_6375 IMG_6376 IMG_0359

An afternoon in Koloa – Snowcones with sprinkles, mermaid fun and a little shopping.

DSC00969 DSC00972

Our little Hawaiian family enjoying our last day on Kauai 🙂

DSC01022 DSC01031 DSC01034 DSC01046 DSC01050 DSC01051 DSC01055 DSC01060 DSC01065 DSC01079 DSC01089 DSC01091 DSC01095 DSC01097 DSC01101DSC01148 DSC01149 DSC01154 DSC01157 DSC01159 IMG_0339 IMG_6227 DSC01129 DSC01135

On our last night in Kauai, Ryan and I went to dinner at the Eating House at Kukuiula Shopping Village. It was a perfect way to end a perfect vacation. Aloha!

IMG_0372 IMG_0373 IMG_0366

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