My little mermaid & Big Girl Panties

Ella is in love with mermaids now that she has gotten into watching movies. One of her favorites is The Little Mermaid, so she now plays with everything ‘mermaid’. Her new puzzle was a huge hit and she puts it together multiple times a day. She studies each piece carefully, tries forcing pieces to fit and then says, “help mom, please.”

SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC IMG_9014 IMG_9015She is now wearing girl girl panties most of the time (pull-ups for naps and bedtime). We had our very first accident in public a couple days ago in the Disney store. I was just about to buy some Cinderella undies and look down to a puddle and Ella telling me she peed. I’m sure there will be several more potty accidents, but we are very proud of how good she is doing with the training process.

She now lives in panties around the house and a shirt is a rare occasion. 😉 She even puts them on herself (backwards 50% of the time). Hehe.

FullSizeRender IMG_9196

That moment when you look at your two year old and see a teenager for the first time…IMG_9157

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