A Special Mother’s Day

This Mother’s day gave me endless reasons to smile. I woke up to a cute, smiley face handing me a card, we ate breakfast in bed as a family, which happens to be a very rare occasion & we enjoyed an amazing brunch at Silverleaf Country Club with family.

Some pics that captured our day…

This picture was just cut off at the 5 1/2 month preggo belly 😉

13979559059_4757e8535f_o 14143060106_c43aaa4b56_o 13979581268_46ce17033a_o 14166289154_5d8ed4cf84_o 14166208295_09d40342ca_o 14166204555_8687af1d72_o 14163445222_781d0a9870_o 14166253344_41d97ca97d_o 14163441042_7ae68c52c7_o 14162856871_dce63233c9_o 14162855741_be4e3699b4_o 14162851431_f71031f1bc_o 14186257543_146de56cdd_o 14143001816_f533d810e6_o 14163423562_76327271ab_o 14143009496_baa90d00e6_z

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