A Construction Mess

In other news besides our adorable Ella Bean showing us just how awesome she is each and every day, Ryan and I have had a very busy July. As soon as we returned from Michigan, we closed on our house, started the remodel, received some devastating news about my pregnancy & celebrated Ryan’s 30th birthday.

The remodel has been stressful, but fun. It is exciting to see the transformation in the house and we are both very ready to move and settle in once it’s complete. We are hoping to be through most of it by the end of August. Crossing my fingers! There have definitely been some ups and downs along the way, but we both know the outcome will far outweigh the problems that arose. There have been a few hiccups so far. All of which resulted in a solution that we are happy with. None of our problems have been true ‘problems’ since we were able to fix them, but they still gave me a rise in blood pressure for sure. šŸ™‚ One of the toughest decisions so far was our hall bath situation. The tub didn’t match our white subway tile at all! The tile made the ‘white’ tub appear to be tan. We made the decision to tear the tile out and install a different white subway tile. The new tile matches MUCH better. I am a happy camper.

Check out our construction mess:

Muscle man putting the beam in to support where we removed a wall in our kitchen:

photo 1

Our poor Hall Bathroom all torn apart:photo 2 photo 3SONY DSC SONY DSCSONY DSC SONY DSC




Master Bath:



New soon to be hallway leading to laundry room/office:SONY DSC

And the mess the construction crew leaves us… This is actually the result of not getting a third dumpster:photo 1 copy photo 2 copy photo 3 copy

Ryan and I spent two evenings loading two separate loads this size. Guess I do know how to get dirty šŸ™‚photo 4 photo 5

And the fun continues… This week, we are finishing up the drywall, finalizing paint colors, installing windows, doors & finishing the tile in our showers. I can’t wait to get movin’!! I definitely think doing this remodel has brought Ryan and I closer together. We have had to make lots of decisions and made them together. We’re a good team. I am not only the ‘designer’, but the one that keeps everything organized and he is the one that helps make my vision come to life. He will probably kill me for saying this now since I’ve given him such a hard time, but I am glad he talked me into buying this house.

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