A Day to Remember…

Salute the ones who died, the ones who gave their lives, so we don’t have to sacrifice all the things we love. – ZZB

Today was a nice Memorial Day with our little fam. We went to the Zoo after lunch and walked around the mall later in the afternoon to kill some time. I checked out some Memorial Day sales at Peek and found the cutest pair of jeans for Ella. Sale! Sale! Sale! Cha-ching. Today, Ella experienced her first taste of a lemon (thanks daddy). I was able to get some pics of her face before, during and after. Cutest.thing.ever.

Lemon Lemon Lemon Lemon Lemon LemonElla’s first visit to the Zoo was fun & low key. She liked the birds and flamingos, but didn’t have much of an interest in any of the other animals. She was pretty interested in people watching though. Like mother, like daughter! We enjoyed walking around and watching Ella’s face as she looked around. One day she will never remember and one I will never forget.

Getting sleepy…


…and, she’s out
Zoo Zoo Zoo

Petting the nasty looking goats was not as fun as I remember as a kid 😉Zoo Zoo Zoo


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