‘Tis The Season To Be Merry

This morning after Ella’s bath, I attempted to take her first round of photos for Christmas. In hopes that all would go as planned in my head, they of course, didn’t. Ella poked herself in the eye with a candy cane, the cold ornaments made her cry when they touched her belly and her black and white bow looks way too big on her little head. After a little touching up & obsessing over her adorable little face and baby blues, here is what we ended up with.

Christmas Card Front:

Megan E Fenrick

Be Merry



Sugar Plums

Christmas Collage

Ella - red 2

Ella - black 1

Ella - black 3

Ella - black 4

Ella - black 5

Ella - black 6

Ella - black 7

Ella - black 8

Ella - silver 1

Ella - candy cane 6

Ella - candy cane 5

Ella - candy cane 4

Ella - candy cane 3

Ella - candy cane 2

Ella - candy cane 1

Ella - silver 9

Ella - silver 8

Ella - silver 7

Ella - silver 6

Ella - silver 4

Ella - silver 2

ella - red 1

Ella xmas

Ella xmas

Ella xmas

Ella xmas

Ella xmas

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