Letter from Gramma & Grampa

My Dear Ella,

You will be my first grandchild. I am more than a little excited to be your Grandma.  You are a very lucky girl to have two wonderful parents who are so excited for you to make them a family. Our whole family has been following along on your journey to the special day when you will be born. We have seen you in your Mommy’s tummy playing, sucking your thumb, rubbing your face and have loved every minute. You have been loved long before you were born.

I am looking forward to times when you can spend the night at our house, make you a “special breakfast”, play with dolls, learn to cook, and lots of other fun things. Your Daddy had a very special Grandma. I am hopeful I can spend time with you and  have fun times with lots of good memories. Families are such a special thing and I hope we can create a very special family.

Life is a journey and I hope you have a very special, exciting, fulfilling and wonderful life. I feel very fortunate to have you as my granddaughter.

Your Grandma, Peyton



How excited I am to meet you, Ella Grayce!!! I’ve been watching you grow. You’ve been a twisting, turning gymnast in your Mommy’s tummy. But now, you get the prize of being our very first granddaughter!!!! I can’t wait to hold you and let you take a nap in my arms. Gramma and I can take you in your stroller and go for walks. When you get a little older, I can give you horsey rides. And when we are done with that, we can get our color crayons out and draw pictures. We’ll have lots of fun at Gramma and Grampa’s house. Until then, just enjoy everything along the way; because you are surrounded by lots of love, and an exciting life awaits you.

Love, Grampa

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