34 weeks & still frank breech

With only a month to go, I am getting more and more anxious by the day. Ryan and I are busy preparing for the coming days; going to birthing classes, hospital tours, pediatrician appointments and organizing our house. (The last one is all me, but I thought I’d throw that in there). My belly is growing rapidly and I feel like I’m starting to do that infamous pregnancy waddle. Ha! Ella has been busy moving around and making sure I’m very uncomfortable most of the time. Honestly, I imagined the third trimester to be much worse. Maybe it is for some, but the only things bothering me at this time are my expanding belly, sausage toes and lack of energy at times. Other than that, I feel great. I do have my moments where I don’t feel like doing anything and can’t get comfortable, but I know it could be MUCH worse, so I try not to complain.

Two weekends ago, we hired an ultrasound tech to come to Ryan’s parent’s home as a surprise birthday present for his mom. It was a pretty cool thing to see our little Ella moving around in 4D motion and trying to make out her facial features. I swear she doesn’t look a thing like me! Maybe I will be surprised, but I’m pretty sure she will look just like her dad. Here are some cute pics from ultrasound. She is pretty crammed in there with her legs over head and hands smashed on her face.

PicMonkey Collage

34 week update~ More baby classes, BIGGER belly, baby shower & 3D ultrasound. Baby Ella is growing like a weed!

How far along? 34
Total weight gain: 25 pounds. Current weight is 120
Maternity clothes? No, however, nothing fits. All of my regular size shirts are more like belly shirts now.
Stretch marks? Nope.
Sleep: Great, although last night, I didn’t sleep much.
Best moment this week: Seeing Ella push outward on my stomach.
Miss Anything? Friends and family – always!
Movement: Lots
Food cravings: FRUIT
Anything making you queasy or sick: No, thank goodness.
Gender: GIRL
Labor Signs: No
Symptoms: Exhaustion on and off. Swelling feet and legs. I had to take off my ring 😦
Belly Button in or out? Surface level, but if I eat a lot, it pops out just a little.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy!
Looking forward to: Meeting Ella.

44 days to go! Ella is the size of a cantelope.

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